How Not Obtaining A Second Opinion Can Lead To Premature Death

Posted On : October 29, 2014,   Time : 9:36 pm

The family of Daniel Gapinski wishes he had obtained a medical second opinion sooner.

The Illinois resident died prematurely when a neuropathologist misdiagnosed a mass growing near his pituitary gland in his brain as a benign meningloma. It was actually malignant kidney cancer that had metastasized to his brain. But as a result of the initial diagnosis, Mr. Kapinski underwent little followup care after its removal.


The kidney cancer diagnosis was not made until two years later, when Mr. Kapinski’s symptoms returned. By then, the cancer was too far advanced to treat.

A jury recently awarded $1.7 million to Mr. Kapinski’s estate and family, determining that the initial misdiagnosis led to his dying prematurely, according to the News-Tribune newspaper.

Any tumor in or near the brain or other parts of the central nervous system is a serious medical matter and should require a second opinion as a matter of course. If you or a family member is confronting such an issue, do not hesitate to contact us at
Read the News-Tribune article here.

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