Patients Struggle To Make Informed Decisions About Their Care

Posted On : January 21, 2015,   Time : 12:42 pm

When it comes to many common medical procedures and interventions, patients are often ill-equipped to gauge their value.

That’s the result of a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. It examined more than 15,000 articles and studies involving more than 27,000 patients. Its conclusion: Patients are unable to evaluate the therapeutic benefit of the procedure they may undergo and appropriately weigh it against the physical risk of undergoing it in the first place.



“Clinicians should discuss accurate and balanced information about intervention benefits and harms with patients, providing the opportunity to develop realistic expectations and make informed decisions,” the study’s abstract said. The study also suggested that many medical professionals are encouraged to provide unnecessary care because they are paid for doing so.

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Read the JAMA Internal Medicine abstract here.

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