Rising Anger Among Consumers, Doctors On Over-utilization And Access To Medical Records

Posted On : March 31, 2015,   Time : 9:41 pm

There is a rising concern — and anger — among some patients and members of the medical community over the over-utilization of healthcare services and the difficulty some patients have in accessing their medical records.

That’s led to a new movement known as “Right Care, Right Now,” which is being advocated by the Boston-based Lown Institute. The organization drew more than 300 attendees at a recent conference in San Diego, HealthLeaders magazine reported. They included not only doctors frustrated by what they see as over-utilization of healthcare services driven by financial considerations, but patients who say they have difficulty communicating with their providers and even obtaining their most basic medical information.

healthcarecostsstethoscope640x480One of the attendees was Casey Quinlan, a podcast producer for the Society of Hospital Medicine’s Hospitalist Magazine and a breast cancer patient. She is so frustrated with the current situation — including her inability to easily access her medical records — that she has a barcode tattooed just below her neck. It links to the paperwork describing her advanced directives in case of a medical emergency.

Another attendee, Sacramento physician Brad Stuart, who is the chief medical officer for a local consulting firm, told HealthLeaders that hospitals may “not have your best interest in mind” because they will provide “treatment that isn’t needed and if patients knew better they wouldn’t want, and charging outrageous amounts of money for it.”

Michael Hochman, a physician who practices at a Los Angeles-area clinic, said he sees the movement as an opportunity for “clinicians to take back control to focus healthcare on patients. There’s been a lot of financial interests that push us in the other direction.”

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Read the HealthLeaders article here.

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