Second Opinion Expert Announces Launch of Free COVID-19 Virtual Vaccination Card

Posted On : April 7, 2021,   Time : 2:20 am

Turns paper vaccination card into a verifiable vaccination card on a smartphone

gI_106969_SOE_CovidSecond Opinion Expert, Inc. (SOE), a leading healthcare technology company, announced today that it has launched a Virtual Vaccination Card that provides proof of COVID-19 vaccination on a smartphone.

The fast and easy-to-use platform is being provided by SOE free of charge as a community service.

The SOE Virtual Vaccination Card contains a scan code that can be used by others to verify it against SOE’s HIPAA-compliant online database. This simple, safe and secure solution provides those that have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus with easy-to-access digital proof of their vaccination right on their smartphone without having to download an app.

“Our patent-pending ‘SOE Verified’ system creates a validated virtual vaccination card for your smartphone, so you can have it wherever you go,” said Steve Krause, President, Second Opinion Expert, Inc. “Your virtual card can be independently verified by another person using their phone’s camera to scan the code on your virtual card, which queries our secure database and verifies your card.”

“Our digital solution is far superior to a paper card — It’s a safe, secure, and effective way to show that you have been vaccinated. We are pleased to offer this free service to help expedite the safe reopening of our economy.”

The SOE Virtual Vaccination Card is available now at

About Second Opinion Expert
Second Opinion Expert’s online technology increases the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, improves healthcare access and empowers patients to make better informed medical decisions. The HIPAA-compliant patented platform leverages recent advancements in information technology and electronic medical record systems enabling the company to provide fast, reliable and secure online medical opinions. The system provides patients greater peace of mind in knowing that they have a medical expert’s perspective for their medical decisions.

SOE offers exclusive, one-on-one, online, professional diagnostic evaluations to patients across the United States and around the globe. We also offer attractive plans for utilizing second opinions as an employee benefit, which helps hold down rising health care premiums. Our skilled panel is composed of hundreds of physician specialists with exemplary academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience in all major diagnostic specialties and subspecialties. Utilizing our patented processing technology and databases, our physicians can more efficiently and effectively review a patient’s prior tests and symptoms when writing a second opinion report. Thereafter, the physician may also interact with the patient through a secure video link allowing for meaningful and instructive face-to-face counseling and next treatment advice.

Our technology is available for use in the US and worldwide. Our patent is also available to be licensed, and the platform can be customized for government, institutional or enterprise use.


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