SecondOpinionExpert Launches Nation's First Truly Universal, Patient-Oriented Electronic Health Record Service

Posted On : October 9, 2014,   Time : 8:29 am

SecondOpinionExpert Launches Nation’s First Sharable, Patient-Centric Electronic Health Record Service
Patients, Healthcare Professionals and Family Members Can Access eHRs Anywhere In U.S. or World

Second Opinion Expert DANA POINT, CA., October 9, 2014 – Every day, tens of thousands of Americans seek treatment at hospital emergency rooms or meet with a new physician. They all face a similar dilemma: They are unable to quickly and seamlessly share their medical records with their healthcare providers.

SecondOpinionExpert ( solves this problem through its unique, proprietary electronic health records (eHR) service, which also acts as a personal health profile and manager.

This eHR service presents patients with a comprehensive online questionnaire regarding their current health and medical history. Additionally, patients can securely upload their medical records, including test results and imaging studies (e.g., X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, etc.) with a few keystrokes of their computer. This creates a fully integrated and personalized picture of the patient’s health information (a “Health Summary Report”) that can be shared with any healthcare provider, family member or any other individual they choose. An Internet connection and web browser is all the patient needs to utilize this service.

“The comprehensive online questions and answers regarding the patient’s health history and the image viewing feature incorporated in the eHR will speed up and optimize the quality of medical care delivered to the patient,” said C. Thomas Peter, M.D., SecondOpinionExpert’s Chief Medical Officer and a renowned cardiologist and electrophysiologist. “I hope all patients and physicians take advantage of these features.”
SecondOpinionExpert’s eHR service is completely secure, HIPAA-compliant and free of charge. Patients will also have complete control over their medical records and medical history.

“Too many patients are being inadvertently held captive by their physicians and hospitals, whose business decisions have assured that their medical records, whether in an electronic format or not, cannot be easily shared by providers,” Mohan Ananda, SecondOpinionExpert’s Chief Executive Officer. Ananda is a successful entrepreneur who helped build (NASDAQ: STMP) and Envestnet (NYSE: ENV) into highly profitable publicly traded companies.

Ananda noted that many providers have incompatible eHR systems, meaning they cannot share records or even communicate with one another at the most basic level. SecondOpinionExpert’s innovative eHR service is the only such service that combines comprehensive subjective patient health information with objective medical data, and provides the user with convenient access, management, and full sharing capabilities.
“Our company offers a truly universal and portable eHR. If you or your loved one has to go to an emergency room or seek medical treatment anywhere in the United States or the rest of the world, healthcare providers can obtain your Health Summary Report containing your medical history and relevant records with just simple Internet access and the approval of yourself or an assigned family member,” Ananda said.
The system will also soon feature a mobile application, e-faxing and a service to securely obtain medical records directly from a patient’s providers.

The free eHR service complements SecondOpinionExpert’s mission to provide online medical second opinions from its renowned nationwide panel of Physician Specialists. That service will be available to patients in early November.

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