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Alzheimer’s Diagnoses May Be Right Only Half The Time

Posted On : October 25, 2014,   Time : 4:32 pm

“Dementia” is one of the most feared words to come out of a doctor’s mouth. It can mean Alzheimer’s disease or some other loss of cognitive functioning that can devastate you or a loved one. But what if you or that loved one is actually suffering from a far less serious affliction? According to the New York Times, that can happen with regularity. There are a variety of disorders that mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer’s but is often far more treatable. “It probably happens more often than people realize,” said Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., a neuroscientist at Duke University Medical Center. According to Dr. Doraiswamy, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis may be accurate only 50 percent of the time. Among the conditions that can read more