Unnecessary Imaging Costs U.S. At Least $7.5 Billion a Year

Posted On : September 27, 2014,   Time : 6:00 am

medical imagingThe consulting firm peer60 surveyed 196 hospital executives to come to that figure, which is that firm’s low-end estimate. The actual price tag could be as high as $12 billion, representing about one out of every eight imaging procedures that takes place in the U.S.

Defensive medicine – performing a medical task more out of concern of being sued for malpractice than actual medical necessity – was one of the biggest drivers of unnecessary imaging. However, some doctors are also having trouble keeping up with the latest developments in imaging, leading them to order unnecessary tests, the survey concluded.

All this excess imaging can cost patients a lot of money. An MRI, for example, can cost even an insured patient $1,000 or more directly out of their own pocket if their annual deductible hasn’t been met, according to the website Cost Helper Health. Those costs are incurred even if the image doesn’t lead to any medical decisions being rendered.

The peer60 report noted that “there is a huge opportunity for a vendor who can create a solution that will address unnecessary imaging.” SecondOpinionExpert believes it can be that vendor for individual patients.

To read the study, click here: http://research.peer60.com/unnecessary-imaging/

Here’s the CostHelper.com MRI cost chart: http://health.costhelper.com/mri.html

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