Up To a Third Of All Knee Replacement Surgeries May Be Unnecessary

Posted On : October 2, 2014,   Time : 8:29 am

A new study suggests that as many as one-third of all knee replacement surgeries are unnecessary.

According tKnee-Replacement-Xrayo Modern Healthcare, a leading trade journal, researchers studied the medical records of 175 patients who underwent a knee replacement surgery, assigning a number of criteria to determine whether they were good candidates for the procedure. The criteria included the extent of damage to the knee, the patients’ age, and the extent of any arthritis. But 60 of those patients — a full 34 percent — were not considered good candidates to have their knees replaced.

It seems reasonable to question whether (knee replacement surgery) was the most appropriate intervention,” wrote the authors of the study, all physicians with Commonwealth University in Virginia. “Most of these subjects either had pain and functional loss profiles that were less than half that of typical patients undergoing (surgery).”

In addition to the risks inherent with having surgery, such procedures can also be very costly to patients. Even those who have good medical insurance can wind up paying $3,000 or more of the costs of the procedure.

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Read the Modern Healthcare article here.


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