Access To Medical Records Can Improve Data Sharing, Personal Care

Posted On : November 22, 2014,   Time : 8:41 am

A new study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research concluded that patients who have access to some form of their medical records in an electronic format were more likely to share the data with family members and friends and pay closer attention to their health.

The study of more than 4,500 subjects in the eastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest was conducted by researchers at the University of Washington. It focused on the use of OpenNotes, a file sharing application that lets patients view the medical notes compiled by their physicians.

9.3 EMRThe study concluded that more than 55 percent of the study participants who reported viewing at least one set of notes compiled by their doctor would like the option of letting family members or friends have their own access to their notes. Nearly 22 percent reported sharing their physician’s notes with family members or friends. Of that group, a larger percentage reported better adherence to medications or self-care than those who did not share their notes with anyone else.

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Read the study’s findings here.

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