Access To Your Own Medical Records Could Be “Tipping Point” In Consumer Engagement

Posted On : November 4, 2014,   Time : 7:39 pm

A former top-level government official and healthcare information technology expert believes that allowing patients easy access to the electronic health records could revolutionize the delivery of healthcare services.

“Access by individuals and their families to their own health records can empower them to coordinate care among multiple healthcare providers, find and address dangerous factual errors, and take advantage of a growing ecosystem of apps and tools for improving health-related behaviors, saving money on health services, and getting more convenient, personalized care,” Lygeia Ricciardi wrote in The Health Care Blog. Until recently, Ricciardi was the director of the Office of Consumer e-Health at the Office of the National CoordinStethoscope on a computer keyboardator, a federal agency that sets standards for healthcare information technology in the U.S.

However, Ricciardi noted that many people in the U.S. are still unaware of their rights regarding their electronic health records, or why they should want to obtain them. However, once enough of them begin obtaining and controlling their EHRs, “providers, hospitals, payers, labs and others would be under much greater pressure to provide [them].”

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Read Lygeia Ricciardi’s article here.





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