Creating a new standard of telemedicine with Dr. Mohan Ananda – My Company Story, hosted by Don Burdge

Posted On : October 8, 2020,   Time : 9:04 am

mohan ananda

Our Executive Chairman Dr. Mohan Ananda, was featured in the 61st episode of MyCompanyStory titled “Creating A New Standard of Telemedicine with Dr. Mohan Ananda” Hosted by Don Burdge.

In this episode, Dr. Ananda talks about his journey as a serial entrepreneur. He talks about the technical hurdles and challenges that he faced to build the multiple ventures in which he is involved. Dr. Ananda makes a prediction that the standard will soon become telemedicine and eventually the medical offices become obsolete. Tune in to hear Dr. Ananda talk about his top 4 takeaways to be a successful entrepreneur.

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