Four Times When You Should Question Your Doctor’s Diagnosis

Posted On : October 18, 2014,   Time : 10:30 am

Questioning your doctor about their medical advice can be difficult or awkward, but there are definitely times when you should do so.

According to Yahoo Health, there are four instances when you should ask questions about the advice dispensed by your physician. They include:

When you’re advised to undergo an imaging exam. MRIs and other forms of imaging are among the most overutilized services in healthcare, with as many as half of them being medically unnecessary. They can also be quite expensive, costing $1,000 or more. And while the exposure to radiation is minimal, no radiation exposure at all is ideal. Moreover, an unnecessary imaging exam can lead to more unnecessary medical care.

When you’re given a life-altering diagnosis. Obtaining a medical second opinion can provide you more options regarding how to proceed. That second opinion may also cause you to reconsider what your first doctor is recommending. And if your first doctor is discouraging you from obtaining a second opinion, they may have ulterior motives for doing so.

When you’re told insurance will cover the recommended care or procedure. Doctors are already close to overload regarding the care they provide their patients. That they also know the ins and outs of your particular insurance policy is highly unlikely. And only a small minority of doctors can guess how much your local hospital will charge for a common procedure or service.

When you’re not comfortable. A good doctor communicates directly and clearly with their patient and answers all questions from their patients. If you have misgivings about interactions with your doctor, then it’s time to look for advice elsewhere.

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Read the Yahoo Health article here.

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