Second Opinion Expert Announces Launch of VACCINEPLUS™ COVID-19 Virtual Vaccination Card

Posted On : October 28, 2021,   Time : 4:14 am

Turns paper vaccination card into a medically verified virtual vaccination card on a smartphone

The SOE VaccinePlus™ Card is a safe and secure medical record that combines vaccine card information with results of an antibody test in a single verified “virtual vaccine card” that delivers confidence about COVID-19 vaccination status. The VaccinePlus™ Card uses a medical approach to give holders information about the efficacy of the vaccine they received, so that they can make more informed decisions about maintaining their health, as well as protecting others from the COVID-19 virus.

The goal of a vaccine is to create antibodies that guard against infection. Not everyone who gets a vaccine will develop a sufficient quantity of antibodies to provide adequate protection. By utilizing a certain type of COVID-19 antibody test, SOE can confirm if the user’s vaccine “worked” by creating the required antibodies. While it is not yet known what amount of protection different levels of antibodies confer, when a vaccinated person has antibodies above the testing threshold, it is extremely rare for the person to have a severe infection leading to hospitalization or death.

SOE’s VaccinePlus™ Card is also an innovative solution for organizations that need to create a reassuring environment for participants at social events or business gatherings. It is a safe and trustworthy way for people to share their vaccine status with each other.

To obtain a VaccinePlus™ Card, users log in at to upload a photo or scan of their paper vaccine record and answer a few quick online questions. (Users should wait at least two weeks after their last required dose of the vaccine before requesting the card.) SOE then reviews that information and if all is in order, SOE will provide the user with a doctor-prescribed lab order for an antibody test at a specific nationwide lab. The patient visits the nearest lab location for the necessary blood draw and test. The results from that test are sent directly to SOE, ensuring the process is clear from any suspicion of fraud. A positive test serves as medical verification that the user got vaccinated.

Vaccine data and positive antibody test results both appear in the VaccinePlus™ Card, which is delivered to the user’s smartphone where it is easily accessible. It contains a QR code that can be quickly scanned by others, querying SOE’s secure database to validate vaccination and test results. No special apps are required and no information is shared unless initiated by the user.

“This simple, safe and secure solution combines COVID-19 vaccine card information with results of an antibody test in a single verified virtual vaccine card providing users with easy-to-access digital proof of their vaccination status,” said Steve Krause, President, SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. “Your SOE VaccinePlus™ Card can be easily verified using the scan code displayed right on your smartphone. We are pleased to offer this free service to help patients make informed decisions about their health while helping to expedite the safe reopening of our economy,” Krause said.

The VaccinePlus™ Card is available now at

About Second Opinion Expert
SecondOpinionExpert’s online technology increases the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, improves healthcare access and empowers patients to make better informed medical decisions. The HIPAA-compliant patented platform leverages recent advancements in information technology and electronic medical record systems enabling the company to provide fast, reliable and secure online medical opinions. The system provides patients greater peace of mind in knowing that they have a medical expert’s perspective for their medical decisions.

SOE offers exclusive, one-on-one, online, professional diagnostic evaluations to patients across the United States and around the globe. We also offer attractive plans for utilizing second opinions as an employee benefit, which helps hold down rising health care premiums. Our skilled panel is composed of hundreds of physician specialists with exemplary academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience in all major diagnostic specialties and subspecialties. Utilizing our patented technology and databases, our physicians can more efficiently and effectively review a patient’s prior tests and symptoms when writing a second opinion report. Thereafter, the physician can also be available for a follow-up teleconference with the patient for meaningful counseling and treatment advice.

Our technology is available for use in the US and worldwide. Our patent is also available to be licensed, and the platform can be customized for government, institutional or enterprise use.

Additional information can be found at:

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