Second Opinion Expert Announces Release of Online COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

Posted On : April 22, 2020,   Time : 10:35 am

Free comprehensive assessment tool now available on Internet.

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. (SOE), a leading health care technology company, announced today that it is providing free online access to a comprehensive assessment questionnaire for anyone seeking an evaluation of their current level of risk related to the COVID-19 virus.

soe_covidThe evidence-based tool was developed by medical experts based on the latest global data on the virus. It will help people make better personal health care decisions about their COVID-19 risk and will aid in efforts to combat the spread of the disease.

The online questionnaire helps determine an individual’s risk from possible exposure to COVID-19 by taking into account all the factors, stages and variances in symptoms to provide a perspective on their unique current status. As an evidence-based assessment, it focuses on the user’s history and symptoms and is a safe and effective means to help make prudent health care decisions in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool provides users with recommended possible next steps that they can explore as needed with a physician or other medical provider.

Since the assessment is performed online, users do not have to leave home, thus avoiding the risk of potential exposure involved with visiting a medical facility or lab. Results are displayed immediately at the conclusion of the assessment, providing the ability to review and download a full report. The report, along with a comprehensive list of current symptoms, can then be shared digitally with a physician in consultation on appropriate next steps. All personal information is completely secure and confidential utilizing SOE’s patented HIPAA compliant technology platform which adheres to the highest standards of data security. Data and results are private unless users specifically authorize access to their physician or other health care providers.

The evidence based online digital assessment is not a substitute for the biological test, but complementary to the biological test. Results are not binary (yes or no) like a biological test, but are a four-level risk assessment for infection: 1) Remote, 2) Possible, 3) Probable, or 4) Certain. One advantage of this assessment is that users only need to seek medical help in the case of “Certain Infection” or “Probable infection.” Moreover, the assessment can be taken any number of times as the situation changes.

“I have reviewed the questions and I have contributed to the development of this innovative tool,” said Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand, Pediatric Neurosurgeon and member of the SOE expert physician panel. “Some of my patients have taken this assessment, and the results are very accurate. I would recommend for anyone to take it, and based on the results discuss it with their personal physician.”

The assessment can be accessed at

“We are pleased to leverage the power of our patented technology platform and medical expertise to help in the global fight against the spread of COVID-19,” said Steve Krause, President, SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. “Our hope that this fast, free and comprehensive risk assessment tool will help save lives. Our plan is to continue to work alongside public health organizations to provide effective solutions that benefit society.”

About SecondOpinionExpert
SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. (SOE) helps people make the best possible health care decisions through effective use of medical second opinions. Our patented technology makes it fast, easy and affordable to gain the perspective of a world-class, board-certified medical specialist on whatever medical decision is needed.

SecondOpinionExpert’s online technology increases the quality and efficiency of health care delivery, improves health care access, and empowers patients to make better informed medical decisions. The HIPAA-compliant platform leverages recent advancements in information technology and electronic medical record systems enabling the company to provide fast, reliable and secure online medical opinions. The system provides patients greater peace of mind in knowing that they have a medical expert’s perspective for their medical decisions.

SOE offers exclusive, one-on-one, professional diagnostic evaluations to patients across the United States and around the globe. We also offer attractive plans for utilizing second opinions as an employee benefit, which helps hold down rising health care premiums. Our skilled panel is comprised of hundreds of physician specialists with exemplary academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience in all major diagnostic specialties and subspecialties. Utilizing our patented processing technology and databases, our physicians can more efficiently and effectively review a patient’s prior tests and symptoms when writing a second opinion report. Thereafter, the patient may also request a secure teleconsult with the physician, to address any remaining questions. Our technology is available for use here in the US and worldwide. Our patent is also available to be licensed, and the platform can be customized for government, institutional or enterprise use.

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