Second Opinions Are Critical In Properly Diagnosing, Treating Cancer

Posted On : March 24, 2015,   Time : 9:49 pm

If you have a diagnosis of cancer, you should get a second opinion.

That’s the conclusion of Judy Smith, M.D., chief oncologist for Spectrum Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the Midwest.

“When you shop for a car or a house, you visit more than one,” Smith recently told the Grand Rapids Press. “With a cancer diagnosis, you need to take a big breath and step bac140924_MEDEX_SadDoctor.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargek. It is critical you understand your diagnosis, your treatment options and the risks and benefits of each. Getting cancer treated correctly is critical to survival. You don’t get a do-over. You have to get it right the first time. You never want to look back and ‘what if?”

According to Smith, second opinions provide an additional perspective and a deeper understanding of the cancer; helps identify additional treatment options and considerations; identify clinical trials that are being pursued; and clarifies the treatment plan, including the risks and potential benefits.

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Read the Grand Rapids Press article here.

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