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Second Opinion Expert announces partnership with Biometrics

Posted On : August 30, 2021,   Time : 9:40 am

Solution recommended by Black Health Trust to provide online medical opinions to communities of color SecondOpinionExpert, Inc. (SOE), a leading healthcare technology company, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Biometrics, the trusted source of medical opinions for communities of color to provide cost effective online expert medical opinions. The partnership will serve to improve health outcomes, optimize treatment and provide patient convenience and peace of mind. The fast and easy-to-use platform is being provided by SOE free of charge as a community service. read more

How Not Obtaining A Second Opinion Can Lead To Premature Death

Posted On : October 29, 2014,   Time : 9:36 pm

The family of Daniel Gapinski wishes he had obtained a medical second opinion sooner. The Illinois resident died prematurely when a neuropathologist misdiagnosed a mass growing near his pituitary gland in his brain as a benign meningloma. It was actually malignant kidney cancer that had metastasized to his brain. But as a result of the initial diagnosis, Mr. Kapinski underwent little followup care after its removal. The kidney cancer diagnosis was not made until two years later, when Mr. Kapinski's symptoms returned. By then, the cancer was too far advanced to treat. A jury recently awarded $1.7 million to Mr. Kapinski's estate and family, determining that the initial misdiagnosis led to his dying prematurely, according to the News read more

Breast Cancer: Time To Be More Aware Of Your Treatment Options

Posted On : October 20, 2014,   Time : 12:31 pm

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the attention that has been focused on the disease has been a resounding success. According to the National Cancer Institute, the cure rate for breast cancer caught in its early stages is nearly 100 percent. With the traditional treatments for breast cancer affirmed, focus has begun to shift to other elements of the disease: Are the recommended therapies for breast cancer patients always necessary? Should there be more focus on which patients are more likely to have a recurrence of the disease? Last week represented a significant breakthrough for breast cancer treatment as Medicare approved a new test that will make it easier for patients to determine their course of read more

Four Times When You Should Question Your Doctor’s Diagnosis

Posted On : October 18, 2014,   Time : 10:30 am

Questioning your doctor about their medical advice can be difficult or awkward, but there are definitely times when you should do so. According to Yahoo Health, there are four instances when you should ask questions about the advice dispensed by your physician. They include: When you’re advised to undergo an imaging exam. MRIs and other forms of imaging are among the most overutilized services in healthcare, with as many as half of them being medically unnecessary. They can also be quite expensive, costing $1,000 or more. And while the exposure to radiation is minimal, no radiation exposure at all is ideal. Moreover, an unnecessary imaging exam can lead to more unnecessary medical care. When you’re given a l read more

A Painful Neurologic Disorder Is Often Misdiagnosed

Posted On : October 13, 2014,   Time : 7:44 pm

Trigeminal neuralgia – a neurological disorder that often causes terrible pains in the face – is often misdiagnosed, according to the Asbury Park Press newspaper. The condition – which occurs when a blood vessel in the face or head compresses the trigeminal nerve – is often misdiagnosed as a dental condition due to the fact it is a relatively rare disorder. It is characterized by intense, stabbing pain that can be triggered by chewing or speaking. Patients often go to several healthcare professionals without obtaining the proper diagnosis, sometimes even undergoing unnecessary root canal surgeries. Appropriate treatments for trigeminal ne read more