Molecular UTI Test

Latest Test provides more accurate and faster result


Dear Doctor,

As SecondOpinionExpert continues to make progress in marketing its platform, we have come across a New Molecular level UTI test for your patients. As part of due diligence, I spoke with Dr. Douglas, a OB/GYN practicing in Boca Raton, Florida, and who heads up a 120 Physicians Group Practice and he states that he is impressed with this new Molecular Diagnostic Assay, in short it provides his patients with faster and more accurate UTI test results, and he has recommended that his entire physician group use the test where appropriate. His practice has used the test in excess of a 1000 times over the last 4 months.

Dr. Douglas relayed that his impression of the test was very positive, and that the test provides him with very accurate, critical, technical polymicrobial data, which is both more accurate than previously used culture based test or urinalysis and that he normally get the results in 24 hours. This test also allows him to find other infections, which may have been missed using older tests.

Mohan and I believe this test can be very beneficial to your patients and that you may want to incorporate this test into your existing practice. The lab will make all of the arrangements, provide you with the kits and packaging to obtain the urine sample and arrange for the shipping of the urine specimen collected to the lab. The lab will also bill for this test and your patients will not have to pay anything beyond what their current insurance provider pays for this test. I am assured that they will not receive additional bills from the lab for these tests.

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc, in conjunction with the lab will provide the test results, provided back to you immediately usually within 48 hours and the results of which will also be available to your patients one day after you have been able to review the results.

I will be providing this letter to the Lab representative – Calvin Ceglanski so that you can direct any other questions or concerns that you may have to him. Calvin is available at 1-978-873-0819. Please give him every courtesy, as I am sure your patients and your practice will find this test very beneficial to your patients.

I am also attaching a;

1) simple one sheet describing the facts, solution and the advantages of this test over existing urine culture tests
(Click here to download)


2) a form for information your office needs to provide to Calvin so that he can begin the process, so that you can use the test to benefit your patients. (Click here to download)


Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions or concerns. I would also welcome any feedback you may have about this or any other matters regarding, and our progress toward improving health care and saving costs


Kindest regards,

Steve Krause